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Root Professional Inspection Services
Michael Root
TREC License #21957
NACHI #16042613
Providing Home Inspection Services from East Houston to the Greater Beaumont area in Southeast TX.

Our primary goal is to provide our clients with the greatest quality inspection.  

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Inspection Services
  1. Our inspections focus on systems and components within the interior and exterior of the home. Outside, the landscape, vegetation, lawn slope, retaining walls that interact with the foundation, driveways and sidewalks are inspected as well as the exterior siding, brick, doors, windows, vents and roof system. The inspector evaluates the heating and cooling functionality as seasons permit and report on the current system performance. Finally indoors, inspection of the attic, walls, floors, rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, appliances and fixtures are inspected.
    Pre-owned Inspection
  2. Our inspections of condos include all the same focus as the pre-owned home inspection with the following limitations; we only inspect those systems and components, which the homeowner is responsible for. We do not inspect those systems and components that the Condo Association maintains. During the Condo inspection we will require the customer to provide our inspector with a complete list of systems and components under their responsibility.
    Condominium Inspection
  3. Thermal imaging is a relatively new tool available to professional home inspectors allowing them to clearly identify areas within the home that have heat or moisture issues and capture visual imagines that can be understood by the client.
    Thermal Imaging
  4. Moisture imaging allows our inspectors to identify water penetrations and track those penetrations to the source. This allows us to fully define the condition causing the penetration and gives the customer a better understanding of the seriousness of the issue.
    Moisture Imaging
  5. We inspect the forms to verify proper placement of reinforcing steel or wire, anchor placement, plumbing and electrical services, elevation (for drainage), proper slab thickness and verification of proper placement of a moisture barrier. During the inspection we will need access to the builder plans.
    Pre-pour Phase Inspection
  6. During the pre-drywall inspection, we examine materials, structural integrity and workmanship of the entire system at the rough in stage of construction. This is an excellent opportunity to verify materials, electrical, mechanical and plumbing at the rough in stage of construction.
    Pre-drywall Phase Inspection
  7. During this stage our inspector will look at every aspect of the building from the exterior grading, building envelope, windows, doors, driveway and sidewalks to the interior walls, ceilings, floors, bathrooms, kitchens, appliances, and heating and cooling systems. Additionally, we will complete an itemized list for the customer to reference during their important walk through with the builder.
    Pre-move In Phase
  8. New homes typically have a one-year warranty on materials and workmanship. The 11-month inspection is a very important time to identify system and/or component issues that may need maintenance or replacement allowing the homeowner to bring the findings of the inspection to the attention of the builder or home warranty company.
    11-month Warranty
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